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Our Granola
Not Your Ordinary Granola!
Our team at Granola Hut cares about how our ingredients are grown, processed, and prepared!

That's why our BUSY BEE has searched for the best organic and natural ingredients available for your daily dietary needs and to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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"0" grams trans fat!
Low sodium!
Good source of protein and iron!
Granola Hut Mission Statement
To provide the healthiest product to our customers without the use of highly processed or refined ingredients. Our goal is to continue to innovate while others follow, and in so doing, bring a continuous flow of healthy alternatives to the table. We feel that it is essential to contribute to the preservation of ecological diversity and organic farming methods. We thank you for your support in making the earth a better place to live.
Granola Hut Promise
  Our granola will only be baked from the freshest and highest quality ingredients available, providing a complimentary BALANCE of flavor and organic health benefit, all the way to the last bite! Please visit the links below for more information on a diet of balanced food groups:

Ask an Expert: Protein vs. Carbohydrates
Are Low-Carb Diets the Key to Weight Loss?
Protein vs. Carbohydrates

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